Califorinia Coast Wine Country

Monterey, Carmel By The Sea, Carmel Valley, Big Sur and everything in the California Coast Wine Country 

Welcome to Cali Coast Wines! The one-stop website to plan your California Coast Wine Country Vacation.  It doesn’t get any better than tasting wine in the beautiful California Coast Wine Country.  There’s so much to explore in the land between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. There are so many coastal cities for wine tastings. What are the most popular places to taste wine? Carmel By The Sea, Monterey, the Carmel Highlands, Santa Cruz, Los Gatos, Carmel Valley and Big Sur. However, we are confident that you will enjoy the California Coast wine region no matter where you choose.

If you’re looking for wine tasting rooms, vineyards or eclectic wine bars, Cali Coast Wines has the information you need. Looking for a big resort? A niche hotel? A vacation rental? Backpacking on your Californian walk-about? then look no further! Cali Coast Wines is the place to go.  Discover the beauty the Central Coast of California  has to offer. Big Sur, Monterey, Carmel and everyplace in between might be your best vacation ever. The coastal wine regions have been rated the most-beautiful places to spend your wine vacation.

California Coast Wine Country

The California Coast Wine Country, Carmel By The Sea wine tasting rooms and Carmel Valley wine tasting rooms offer amazing environments for wine tasting. So if you like Napa and Sonoma, but want to try a new region for winCaliforinia Coast Wine Countrye tasting near the Pacific Ocean, Carmel, Santa Cruz and Monterey is the region to visit.

Founded as an artist colony, you’ll discover amazing art pieces, photography, sculptures and paintings throughout Carmel By The Sea. Sip on a glass of wine at one of the many tasting rooms, then walk over to check out some of the amazing art galleries that Carmel By The Sea has to offer.

If you’re into hiking, camping or photography, the Big Sur region won’t disappoint. High cliffs and beautiful seascapes with remarkable West Coast sunsets while driving the winding roads. Does it get any better?

For the foodie (and aren’t we all) the restaurants and wine tastings and wine pairings are some of the best on the West Coast. Everything from small pizza shops to Michelin Star restaurants span across the Carmel, Monterey, and Big Sur region. California Coast Wine Country

For the California Wine Enthusiest

If you’re a surfer in the California Coast Wine Country or enjoy a little piece of SoCal in NorCal, Santa Cruz, Los Gatos, and the Scotts Valley Region will appeal to you. With boutique coffee shops and beautiful Santa Cruz Bed and Breakfasts, you’ll enjoy this California Central Coast gem. Santa Cruz, California a perfect weekend Getaway for anyone who lives in San Francisco and wants to get a little more sunshine. Scotts Valley and Los Gatos also have a very quaint feel and are up and coming vacation spots near the Santa Cruz region.

Vacationing in the California Coastal Wine Region

Califorinia Coast Wine Country
Things To Do in the California Coast Wine Country

If you’re looking for a Family Vacation or a Weekend Getaway in the California Coast Wine Country and are traveling from San Francisco or Los Angeles, Monterey has tons of entertainment for any Family Vacation including amazing shopping and treats along the Monterey Pier. Fun family entertainment for all!

If you’re looking for a Wine Weekend filled with wine tastings, Big Sur resorts, spas, yoga and massages, there’s no better place to go in all of California than Big Sur. Being so close to Carmel By The Sea, you can go there for the day and go back to Big Sur to watch the sunset.

Carmel By The Sea, the Carmel Valley, the Carmel Highlands, Santa Cruz, Los Gatos, Big Sur and the California Central Coast make the perfect Pacific Coast Vacations for any Family Vacation or Wine Tasting / Wine Weekend trip from San Francisco or Los Angeles, or anywhere in the world!

California Coast Wine Country