Looking for Entertainment and things to do in Carmel By The Sea, Carmel Valley, Monterey, Los Gatos, Big Sur or Santa Cruz? If you’re looking for family entertainment or something for the adults to do, Cali Coast Wines has the best entertainment and things to do listed for this wine region. Mini-Golf, 18 holes of golf, go-carts, toy stores, outdoor activities or anything else you can think of (or if you need help thinking of things to do or entertainment).

Carmel By The Sea

Carmel Valley


Santa Cruz

Los Gatos

Big Sur

If you’re of drinking age, don’t forget to check out the local tasting rooms to grab a glass of local wine. Cali Coast Wines is here to help guide you with Vacation planning for Monterey County, Carmel and the surrounding area. For a great 3 day weekend getaway from Los Angeles, check out Lodging Options here.

Why this region of NorCal? If you vacate to the vineyards in Napa or Sonoma and you want to explore more wine regions near San Francisco and in Northern California, consider Carmel, Santa Cruz, Monterey and Los Gatos California for your new wine tasting scene. The wine tasting rooms will surprise you for the high quality, and the prices are much better than Napa wines. Visit this region before it becomes the new Napa or Sonoma!

If you’re planning more of a family vacation to the California Central Coast, Cali Coast Wines has options listed for what you should explore within the region. If you’re planning a camping trip, you can visit the Lodging page to explore camp-sites in Carmel Valley, Carmel By The Sea, Monterey, Big Sur, Los Gatos and Santa Cruz. Tons of entertainment options and things to do for your California Vacation or Wine Getaway… Look no further than Cali Coast Wines!