Sweets, Treats, Desserts

Looking for treats or something to satisfy your sweet tooth in Carmel By The Sea, Carmel Valley, Monterey, Santa Cruz or Big Sur? Looking for something local and regional? Look no further than Cali Coast Wines for Sweets and Treats in the region:

Carmel By The Sea

Carmel Valley


Santa Cruz

Los Gatos

Big Sur

Whether you’re looking for a bakery, ice cream, cake, gelato, cheese shops or any other type of treats or sweets, Cali Coast Wines is here to guide you. After your sugar fix, don’t forget to check out the local tasting rooms to grab a glass of local wine. If you want a cup of coffee with your baked goods, check out Coffee Shops here. Cali Coast Wines is here to help guide you with your Vacation in Monterey County and the surrounding area. For a great weekend getaway in Northern California, check out Places to stay.

Why Santa Cruz, Carmel or Monterey? If you’re usually one to explore and vacation in the vineyards of Napa or Sonoma Wine Country and you’re looking for new areas near San Francisco and in NorCal, consider Carmel, Santa Cruz, Monterey and Los Gatos California for your new wine adventure. Big Sur and the drive along the Pacific Coast Highway is also a bucket list thing to do. The wine tasting rooms will surprise you with the quality and earthiness, and the prices are much better than Napa or Sonoma wines.

If you’re like most people, local treats and sweets are just a part of the vacation experience. Whether you crave salty or sweet, Cali Coast Wines showcases the best treats from cotton candy to creme brulee and from ice cream to baked goods. There’s nothing better to pair your wine with than a local dessert or the local chocolate.