Boxed Wine: Can It Be Good and What’s the Best?

Boxed wineBoxed wine has a reputation for sure, and it’s not necessarily a good one. Just as PBR made its way in recent years from being a beer for the economical older gents to the Hipster beer of choice, boxed wine is becoming trendy. Being the semi-wine-snob that I am, I just had to explore this trend.

First, let’s explore the benefits. There’s no need for a corkscrew (but I can get that with a screw-top wine bottle). It’s also more discrete if it’s shaped like many coconut water boxes. If it’s truly cardboard without the foil lining, it should be easier to recycle as glass is actually a harsher and a more energy costing recycle process in comparison to cardboard. Boxed wine is actually said to last longer in the fridge if it has a spout as oxygen is harder to penitrate the box/bag inside. The last obvious benefit is that it will never get corked.

Now, if I’m going to outline the benefits, I must also point out the not-so-great stuff. Taste? Well, that’s yet to be discovered. Perception? Mind over matter is an actual aspect to consider. I mean, I do drink out of a high-end wine glass because it just makes my wine taste better and feel like I’m drinking a nicer wine. So, it appears that reputation is the biggest obstacle to overcome for boxed wine.

Franzia, the most popular wine in the world definitely has brand recognition, even if just in passing when shopping at Target. Thrillist has a fully extensive review for you to review all of the Franzia wines.

The Huffington Post also has an article on the 8 Best Wines Not in a Bottle. I haven’t had any yet. My Boxed wine tasting to come in another article!

Lastly, I really found this Video Review on Boxed Wine from Sommelier Patrick Cappiello very helpful.

Even though boxed wine doesn’t have the best reputation, there’s a reason why Franzia is the most popular wine, so maybe they’re onto something. Or, perhaps at least someone has mastered the economics of a boxed wine with the experience of a nice bottle of wine. I’ll update this article with a link to my reviews of some when I can manage to get past my notions and decide to “give it a swirl.”