Is That California Wine Good or Bad For Your Health?

Is wine good or bad for you? There have been many studies on this topic, and a back and forth battle on the health benefits of wine, and more specifically, red wine. CNN reported in March 2016 that Mediterranean countries have the second highest life expectancy right behind Japan. This is attributed to the active lifestyle, diets including vegetables and small amounts of meats, olive oils and of course, the consumption of red wine.

Research has also shown that a component in grapes and red wine (as well as berries) can actually turn excess fat in the human body into calorie-burning “brown” fat. This discovery suggests that diets containing resveratrol may help combat obesity. Of course, this is only if red wine is consumed in moderation.

How about the calories that are in a glass of wine? Well, Wine Folly has made an amazing chart that outlines this:

Wine Calorie Chart

If you could still use some guidance on what is a beneficial and healthy consumption of wine, and what may be too much for the heart, liver and weight loss benefits, this video from Dr. Josh Axe is very helpful. He outlines in detail the wine chemicals that are beneficial, the amounts to consume and why consuming too much may actually do the opposite effect.

How about heart health? Is wine good or bad for the heart? We keep hearing that wine is full of antioxidants that make it heart healthy. If you would like to educate yourself on this aspect of wine, The Mayo Clinic has a great article on resveratrol, red wine and the effects on the body by drinking a big glass of red. In the article, it states that wine can reduce LDL Cholesterol (the bad one) and can also prevent blood clots by thinning blood.

Beyond the heart, liver and weight benefits, red wine can also combat cancer cells according to this Huffington Post article. This publication also analyzes resveratrol (that magical compound) and how it has anti-aging properties and how resveratrol can actually fight precancerous and cancerous cells. Drinking wine can actually cause healthy cells to replicate, in short generating newer cells that replace older ones… Hence, the anti-aging properties. Pretty amazing stuff!

For every study that says something is beneficial, there’s another that says it’s not, so please do your own research. Cali Coast Wines just hopes you drink responsibly and in moderation, but do enjoy yourself. After doing your own research, what do you think? Is wine good or bad for you?


Article By Cali Coast Wines

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