Halloween Candy and Wine Pairing

So, the crazy of Halloween is over and now you’re left with candy from the kiddies or from the leftover big bucket from handing candy out. Or, you’re just a candy enthusiast and you want to know how to pair it properly. Either way, this guide will help you with Halloween Candy Wine Pairing options.

Snickers and Pinot Noir

The saltiness in the nuts will bring out a Pinot’s rich flavors and the caramel and milk chocolate will soften any tannic bites.

KitKat and Champagne / Bubbles

The crunchy and crisp cookie will add a nice texture and the bubbles will carry along the soft chocolate and wafer tastes through the journey of all your taste buds.

Heath and Late Harvest or Ice Wine

The divine toffy crunch and crumble with the subtle chocolate notes really exemplifies and tames the sweetness of an Ice Wine or a Late harvest dessert wine. I recommend a Vidal or a Cab Franc Ice Wine from Ontario for this Halloween candy wine pairing.

Hershey’s Kisses or Hershey’s Milk Chocolate + Zinfandel

Milk chocolate with that bite of sweet really meshes well withy the robust bold notes of a Zinfandel.

Butterfinger and Chardonnay

A great buttery Chardonnay will really be amplified by the buttery and milk chocolate of a butterfinger. I mean’s the butter is in the name after all1

Twix and Rich Reds

The chocolate and caramel crunch of a Twix bar will pair nicely with a rich, complex red. A big bold Cab with fruit forward notes is highly recommended.

SourPatch and Riesling

The fruity flavors and high acidity in a Riesling, paired with the tart and citrus flavors really work well together.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Reese’s Pieces & Merlot

Forget the PBJ with jam and bread and instead pair a sweet peanut butter treat with a Merlot with a heavy berry finish. An adult PBJ for this Halloween candy wine pairing.

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