Monterey Listed As a Travel Destination by Wine Enthusiast

If you’re looking for a great travel destination for wine tasting that may be less busy than Napa Valley or Sonoma, California, why not consider Monterey? Listed as a Travel Destination by Wine Enthusiast, Monterey has a lot to offer when it comes to wineries, dining options and beautiful lodging and scenery along the Pacific Ocean and the Monterey Bay.

In agreement with the Wine Enthusiast posting in 2013, September and October are the best months to travel to Monterey, California. Most of Northern California has a delayed Summer. Neighboring major city, San Francisco, is usually colder than most of the US through May to July. Summer doesn’t start picking up until August, but it goes well into Fall and sometimes will even dip into November.

Monterey and Carmel offer amazing Pinot Noir as well as full-bodied and earthy Cabernet Sauvignon. If you’re into white wines and roses, there are also plenty to choose from including Pinot Noir Rose’s that are comparable to French wines, but with that New World wonder.

If you’re exploring options for a Wine Vacation, Monterey is a must do for any Wine Enthusiast! You can check out places to stay in Monterey and take a gander at the Monterey Tasting Rooms to plan your wine weekend to Monterey.

For those who live in San Francisco or the Bay Area, Monterey is an amazing getaway that can be easily done in a weekend. For those who live in Los Angeles, Monterey makes a great 3-4 day holiday weekend trip. For those traveling from afar, Cali Coast Wines recommends splitting this trip up and doing 3-4 days in Monterey, then traveling down South 20 minutes and doing 3-4 days in Carmel, California where there are 18+ wine tasting rooms all within walking distance from one another and the beach.

If you decide to plan a trip to this wine region, Cali Coast Wines is the one stop shop and website to help you plan and coordinate your vacation!


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